Friday, December 21, 2012

Preston is Perfection

 Preston Joshua Nielson 11 days new photo-shoot.
 (We actually moved to American Fork the day after these pictures where taken. )
This little guy has been one easy baby and a pretty good recovery for his mommy. 
Since he was born so early, he still needs lots of sleep and barely any wake time. 
His normal routine that we have pretty much had since he joined us at home is, wake to nurse for about 30 -50 min, change diaper, go back to sleep and repeat. He seriously is so tiny and little, sometimes I think he's a little doll. He is held a ton though by his mommy and daddy and he seems to love the body heat  and comfort. 

 James and Rachel have adored everything about this little guy. Rachel is a little nurturer and loves to hold him and examine each part of him. James just loves being a big brother and having another male in the house. He always tells Preston what they are going to do together when they get older. 

 Preston is pure PERFECTION and we are madly in love with him more and more every single day.

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