Saturday, February 23, 2013

Preston: 2 months

 Precious Siblings
Darling Soul
 Lucky Mommy
In the last month, this little one of ours has gone through so much. At about a week and a half he had to go in and get his club foot started on. He was casted from foot all the way up his leg to where his diaper is. Mommy and daddy have never put so much heart and soul into any of our babies as we have with Preston.  
 We have said so many prayers and cried so many tears over this little guy, hoping that he will be able to live a full life and be able to be as active as he wants. Thank goodness for God and the peace he gives to us during this time. We know all will be well, but seeing him with a big cast on him breaks my heart. As a mother, there is nothing I can do but love the little guy and snuggle him.

 At 2 months new, this little bundle of joy is sure bringing happiness to our lives, each and every day without fail, his brother and sister want to hold, kiss and help mommy with the baby. Preston is growing in size and alertness. He has bright eyes and noise doesn't seem to bother him much. He is still an incredible sleeper and nurser. Mommy couldn't be happier with him and his development. 

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